We strongly emphasize that our trainings are in step with actual practice. Therefore we provide our trainees with adequate infrastructure in each course, such as computers, simulators and devices.

Training Conditions

For our training conditions please refer to our Cordoba's Quality Manual.

Training Courses (Scheduled Classes)

In our scheduled standard courses the trainees will gain practical experience using available tools and techniques by doing practical exercises. All of our standard courses are conducted in our designated center or on line.

Equipment & Infrastructural

Cordoba seeks to enhance the productivity of businesses and individuals for its customers and employees by making learning a valuable experience.

Tailored Classes (on request)

The training can be held in Center's facility or on line. The program and content can be adapted according to your needs and requirements. All information related to your project will be used to run a customtailored training.


All our instructors are product or system experts and very experienced in their field of work.In addition to their direct knowledge they are capable of didactics and training methodology.