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Fundamentals in Digital Photography Course

Programme Description

The program introduces the basic skills required to examine the significant potential of digital photography. Showing them through toning, color and light. As well as, how to compose images, choosing the right setting, produced images, metering and much more. This program will enable trainees to develop an understanding of how to facilitate our perception of reality through images.

Target Audience:

Media Influencers, Digital Photographers, Commercial photographers, Graphic Designers for photo-shooting site/commercials.

Duration: 30 hours

Key topics:

  • Learn the Basics of digital photography
  • Learn how to Effective use and describe the technical and creative aspects of photography.
  • Learn different camera settings and modes, manually, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, autofocus, exposure, different lenses, DOF, and other related settings.
  • Learn How to use natural and artificial light, effectively.
  • Learn to Exporting and basic editing of digital images.

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowing how to create appealing images with the right settings and describe the basic principles of visual literacy
  • Using the basic principles of creativity in photography such as depth-of-field and composition.
  • Using auto and manual modes, smartly, effectively and smoothly.
  • Use the right tools and utilize the existing conditions to compose images.
  • Efficient use of cameras resolutions, and exporting.