Introduction to HR Practices

Programme Description

In today’s fast-moving world, HR practitioners are expected to deal professionally with human resource issues. They may be asked to take part in manpower planning, recruitment and selection, developing job descriptions, take part in activities such as interviews, training, employee relations, performance appraisal, or take responsibility for their continuous professional development.

This five-day programme will provide brief introduction to HR practitioners  on contemporary human resource practices.


Learning Outcomes:

 After completing this programme you will:

  1. be able to Understand the different HR roles in business organisations.
  2. be able to the identify the main components of talent resourcing.
  3. be able to distinguish between the stages and activities of the training cycle.
  4. be able to conduct good practices in handling employee relations issues.
  5. be able to distinguish between performance management and performance appraisal.
  6. be able to improve your personal effectiveness



  • HR roles in business organisations
  • Components of talent resourcing
  • The training cycle
  • Employee Relations
  • performance management and performance appraisal.
  • personal effectiveness.


Target Audience:

This programme is offered to HR practitioners responsible for delivering HR services, jobseekers who want to pursue a career in human resources, or anyone who wants to acquire a good understanding of HR practices.

Duration: 25 Hrs

Recommended Entry/ Pre-request

Fluent in English language – Passing CTC English Placement test (Min 50%)