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Introduction to Legal Translation

Programme Description

Translation of legal documents is a sensitive process that deals with many specialized legal terms, contracts, official verified certificates and etc. that are highly important and impact from a legal aspect. This program introduces legal terminologies and proper linguistic legal tones in translation procedures between English and Arabic, it also helps you identify certain rules and techniques that are used to maintain accuracy and originality. Models of this program gives you access to understand the legal genre and structure to avoid any confusion and legal misunderstandings. The program discusses in details the principles of making the right translation at the sequential and contextual levels. It will also introduce the main proper ways step by step in translating these terminologies from one language into another.

Target Audience:

  • Lawyers.
  • Legislative body.
  • Apprentice translators.

Duration: 30 hours

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Legal language: terminologies, tones, dictionaries.
  • Nature & Structure of legal context and sentences.
  • Translation techniques of different legal formations such as certificates & contracts.
  • Proper usage of ICT in legal translation.
  • Legal translation comparison of contracts and court proceedings.