The success of the virtual seminar: “Body Language” that was presented by Riffa Social Centre in collaboration with Cordoba Training Centre

The Virtual Seminar “Body Language” was conducted under the productive cooperation between Ms. Zahra Al-Hammadi, Head of Riffa Social Center, and Dr. Ali Mansour Al Shehab, head of Cordoba Training Center. The collaboration resulted in a huge success of the Social-Service Webinar. The seminar witnessed a large interactive participation from the audience, with a number that exceeded 152 attendees. The lecture was delivered by Professional Cooperate Trainer Falah Hashim.

Mr. Falah was pleased of the great turnout the seminar has witnessed in addition to the audience participation and interaction, what pretends to establish more social activities and effective training courses in the future in order not to prevent the continuous development and adopting the e-Learning approach from continuing the educational and professional development process, since this activity will not be at the local level, but at the regional and international levels. Cordoba Training Centre has also sponsored its important role in organizing the seminar and providing the technical support for its success, which comes in accordance to the effective role CTC took to enhance the training and qualify the social activities.

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