About Cordoba

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence."

Córdoba Training Center will be the leading dynamic into the vocational training and human capital development. A Learning Machine project that enables the youths and older generations to pursue continuous and enjoyable learning processes through an advanced psychological and physical techniques in training and skill acquisition. It will constantly provide training opportunities that meets today’s needs in the Kingdom, whether our programmes will be offered by Tamkeen or provided by ministries or the private sector, it will continue to become a recognized and reliable source that takes a lead in the training industry through its distinguished training programs and through the use of modern capabilities of today.

Córdoba Training Center will distinguish and polish its uniqueness through carefully selected team of highly qualified and experienced people that are commitment to excellence as their approach; selection of team is through extensive experience and reliable source of knowledge in all aspects of training and education, including those who have spent many years in this field whether through their work at the university or off-campus, practical skills training, and consulting services is from their industry; while leading the market through new strategical Labour power needs to support the kingdom’s vision of 2030.

The center’s services are powered through quality and excellent customer services that are centered about the clients (e.g. Trainee centered), in which it provides quality training services, consultancy and properly design of training courses led by qualified trainers for both institutions and employees of the public and private sectors. Center’s specialization shall be in developing and delivering training on modern concepts and advanced methods in the world of training.

Center’s training methodology is developed by focusing on the strengths of key clients and focusing on the core training values they need through proper analysis and assessment.

The Center is in a strategic middle-ground location in the Kingdom – thus an accessible place to clients. The interior structure of the office is built in a large space to carry out its operations and plans, which provides a high-quality training and learning environment. The Center also has qualified number of leaders in the management of training, with direct knowledge of the sector and extensive research experience and unique management skills, those are enabling tools in the future stages. Department expects to expand in the field of training to open other training sites and new branches across the Kingdom.


The mission of the Training Center is the development and delivery of an optimum policy of training and education for modern changes. It will be the objective of the Training Center to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the trainees. Courses will be developed in close consultation and cooperation with the training industry. The later stages are guaranteed by the fact that Tamkeen is actively involved. The Training Center will identify trends and developments in the training industry and translate these into improvements and adjustments to the training courses and the introduction of new programmes.

Responding to the requirements of a changing environment implies constantly redefining the training center’s programmes, reworking the contents in the light of the objectives, designing methods best suited to the individual needs of the trainees, and putting these new methods and ways of working into practice.

Center’s aim is to provide high quality training to local and international and own account operators on all levels from drivers to managers to enable further development of training in Bahrain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide internationally accredited, well-designed, high-quality training and training courses to leading organizations in the region to support our clients in achieving their strategic and marketing objectives.

Our Vision

Cordoba seeks to enhance the productivity of businesses and individuals for its customers and employees by making learning a valuable experience.