Collaboration between CTC & Mahrati Consultancy

A protocol agreement was signed for cooperation, support, and exchange of experiences in the field of training and consultations between Cordoba Training Center, represented by Dr. Ali Mansour Al Shehab, The General Director of CTC, and Mahrati Consultancy represented by Mr. Khaled Abdul-Majeed, Executive Director. This Agreement brings forth a tremendous opportunity to equip the workforce with up-to-date and in-demand competencies, as it is also mainly invested to offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities along a lifelong learning path for those who are new to the Bahraini labour market or seeking development and promotion in their current job role. The training programmes are designed to fulfill the need for virtual learning at a competitive scale, but also to kick start the move to online training. This collaboration also coordinates between CTC and Mahrati to constantly identify the important pockets of expertise and to develop a curriculum and materials under close assessment and professional monitoring of clients’ training needs that are also aligned with labor market needs. The many foundational pillars the agreement stands on not only ensure the success of delivering quality training but ensures the success of our clients’ satisfaction and success in their career path.

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