TOLES: Foundation in Legal English

Programme Description

International Qualification: Completion Certification by an Awarding Body
Foundation Level

Awarding organization: TOLES

The aim of the Foundation Exam is to ensure learners are equipped with a strong basis upon which
to build the skills required by employers. With analyzed the drafting and general writing skills of
thousands of international lawyers when working on office-based tasks and devised a step-by-step
programme to help them eliminate mistakes and reach the standard required. The TOLES
Foundation materials and exam ensure that serious learners will be successful and will not make the
very common mistake of attempting more advanced tasks before mastering the basics.


What you will learn:

  • Knowledge and understanding of legal vocabulary.
  • Ability to form English Legal phrases in the correct areas of law.
  • Ability to comprehend logically placed elements in the legal English tone.
  • Accuracy in implementing of legal terms.


  • English.

Assessment methods:

  • Pre-Assessment, Mid-Assessment, Post-Assessment (Internally for progress tracking).
  • Each learning objective has various types of assessments to examine the knowledge and understanding of the student.

Target (Legal sector)

  • Fresh graduates.
  • Job seeker in the legal sector.
  • Working in the legal sector.

Duration: 70 hours

Recommended Entry/ Pre-request: